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Main Services

Every Sunday - 11:00am and 6:30pm

We meet for fellowship and worship twice each Sunday. The family service, at 11:00am is open for all ages. At the beginning of the family service there is a short time for the young children to join the speaker at the front of the church for a Bible lesson that the whole congregation is a part of. When the main message is being given to the congregation, there is a creche available for very little children. The creche allows parents the space to get the most out of the Pastor's main message whilst the children are read simple stories from the Bible, taught fun songs and have a time to play with children their own age, in our creche which overlooks the congregation. After the service tea and coffee is served in the foyer to give people a opportunity to catch up with one another.

The usual order of the family service:

  • The speaker opens with prayer for God's Blessing on the meeting
  • First hymn
  • The speaker reads a part of the Bible that is relevant to their main sermon
  • The speaker prays again for general local and world-wide needs, and thanksgiving
  • The children are called to the front of the church for a short lesson
  • Second Hymn (The youngest children join the creche group during this hymn)
  • The speaker brings their message from God's Word
  • Final hymn
  • The speaker closes the meeting in prayer

The evening service begins at 6:30pm. This service follows much the same format as the morning service, except that there are no extra facilities for the young children. The evening service is followed by further fellowship, with refreshments served, the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Prayer Meeting

Every Sunday - 6:00pm

Before the evening service, there is a time for open prayer for all who would like to attend. This prayer meeting begins at 6:00pm and takes place in the side hall.