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Senior Youth Club
Fridays (Term Time) 7:30 - 9:30pm
For all children in school years 7 - 11

As well as providing a safe, friendly and fun environment for young teens to spend a Friday evening, at Youth Club we share the valuable life lessons taught by The Bible.

The evening begins at 7:30pm with a short lesson brought to the teens by an experienced member of the church leadership. There is time for open questions and discussion after each lesson.

From 8:00 - 9:00pm is games time when the teens are free to play board games, pool, table tennis, badminton, team games including volleyball, indoor hockey, handball and football. There is also a cooking lesson each week where the teens have opportunity to make treats for the rest of the Youth Club to enjoy later in the evening. During this hour we often small projects set involving craft and creativity for the teens to enjoy. Points are awarded for participation, completion and winning different activities. Prizes for the highest point scorers are awarded at the end of each term.

From 9:00 until we close at 9:30pm we all come together to watch a section of a movie which we cover over several weeks. Popcorn, soft drinks and the treats made by the teens are free to enjoy during the movie. After watching the section of movie, we have a quiz about the movie for which we also award points. These quiz times often turn into interesting discussions as we cover relevant issues brought up in the movie.

Award Points
Points are awarded for participation, contribution and excelling. Each member collects points throughout a term. At the end of each term we organise a trip or activity for the 4 members who've collected the most points. These trips have included an evening at a golf driving range, pizza & bowling, trips into London for shows or other attractions, and a trip to Thorpe Park to which we invited some older member that hadn't attended Youth Club for a while, in order to strengthen and continue friendships.